We meet at 7:30pm on

the first Thursday of

each month at

The Biffa Room,

St. Mark’s Church,

Calder Rise

(off Avon Drive),

Bedford, MK41 7UY



Visitors (18 and older) and prospective members are VERY welcome, whether experienced writers, beginners, or just curious.  Simply turn up on the night or contact us by clicking on the 'Get in Touch' icon for an interesting, enjoyable, and possibly instructive evening.

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Who Are We?


We are a group of Bedfordshire writers, with diverse skills and abilities. We are brought together by an interest in writing, and the hope of improving our writing with each others’ help.


We run friendly and informal meetings and appreciate the opportunity to read our work for comment and criticism by other members and to share ideas for inspiration from some pretty

skilful writers. We regularly write a 'Round Robin' story where each member of the group writes a chapter. These are available to read on the Round Robin Stories page.


We encourage reading. This helps us to hear how our work sounds, which in turn is a great tool for editing. Generally speaking we limit each other to about 10 minutes reading time each so that we have time for constructive critiscm and feedback, and we all get a chance to read.


Visitors pay £3.00 per meeting.  


Membership costs just £6 per year.

Members pay £2.00 per meeting to cover hire costs, etc.


We also enjoy social occasions such as a Christmas dinner, occasional outings, barbeques and other group events when possible.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd January at the usual time of 7.30 pm in the Biffa Room at St. Mark’s Church, Calder Rise, Bedford.


There is no defined topic this week. Please bring a piece of your own work that will take roughly 10 mins to read out. Or if you just want to sit in and listen, that's fine! Visitors welcome.


Some of us are working on novels or long projects and so enjoy the distraction of writing to order for the night, and for those working on shorter writing projects, concentrating on a given title releases the creative imagination. We aim to mentor, motivate, encourage, have fun, and we look forward to seeing you.

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Meeting Report for December 2019


In the last-minute absence Andrew (Chair), the meeting was taken by Sue (Vice-chair).

  We welcomed a novice writer and encouraged him to come again and maybe have a go at penning something to share.

  We had a very full Christmas programme that kicked off with the reading of stories written

On the theme of reinventing a Christmas character.   As you can imagine Santa came in for quite a bit of change.  Also, on parade were a very disgruntled robin, a Scrooge who started off kindly and ended up mean and a modernisation of The Little Match girl by Hans Christian Anderson which was generous and uplifting rather than tragic.  A great selection and good seasonal stuff.

  The stories, being short, left us with a good long break to chat and to enjoy the delicious selection of food donated by members and enjoyed by all.  

  It was as well we had a long break as one member spent nearly the whole time stopping the dreadful racket being made by the lift alarm that had been set off by a late arrival.  Many thanks to Ian’s determination to get the job done, we were able to continue and enjoy the rest of the evening.   We thought after this experience that maybe we should have the number of a caretaker if indeed there is one.

  Having got the problem under control, we started the second half of the meeting by reading out, chapter by chapter, the 2019 Round Robin.  The story, started by Muriel, ducked and dived from fantasy to reality and was brought to an amusing conclusion by Dave in the penultimate chapter and by Muriel in the last chapter whose job it was to wrap the whole thing up.   Be interesting to see if we can write one without the ubiquitous killings.  A thought for 2020.

  Dave came to say his farewells and we wish him all the best for his new venture and thank him for his valuable contribution to the group over the years of his membership.  He will be missed.

  It was a fun evening and a good end to our 2019 meetings.


Sue Barton