We meet at 7:30pm on

the first Thursday of

each month at

The Biffa Room,

St. Mark’s Church,

Calder Rise

(off Avon Drive),

Bedford, MK41 7UY



Visitors (18 and older) and prospective members are VERY welcome, whether experienced writers, beginners, or just curious.  Simply turn up on the night or contact us by clicking on the 'Get in Touch' icon for an interesting, enjoyable, and possibly instructive evening.

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Two Stories by Simeon Bennett

Souled in a nutshell


I see. . The death of your mother affected you so much that you would give up your own life? Take your own life? Leave your sibling alone in this life? How selfish of you. You cannot fathom the pain you will go through in the next life.


You wont see her again. You wont meet her. All that awaits you is despair and endless torture, corrupted entities chasing you for your soul. Your essence is what they need, what I need.


Hahaha… Is my voice becoming clearer? Can you feel an intense pressure overwhelming you? Your not in the realm of the living anymore. Just open your eyes. . Let me claim my prize. Allow me the pleasure of devouring your soul.Double click to insert body text here...




All these fuckers must want to fight me, if not, why are they all surrounding me. Then again, I am sitting here on this bench with a hand on my head. Who’s? Well I don’t know! Maybe it’s that bastard guy’s hand? You know the one I dumped in that bush across from that tree just over there about four hours ago. Wait so you’ve been sitting on this bench with a hand on your head the past four hours? I guess so… HAHAAHA!! What’s funny? YOU and your question. You’ve asked me about my duration on this bench and asked nothing for the dead guy in that bush. You have no consideration for others. ME! You’re the one who’s on a bench talking to your… who are you talking to by the way? You. The hand on my head?! Well if I’m a severed hand talking to you then your nuts mate.


I’m not nuts. Just having a bad day… (Fucking lunatic).