We meet at 7:30pm on

the first Thursday of

each month at

The Biffa Room,

St. Mark’s Church,

Calder Rise

(off Avon Drive),

Bedford, MK41 7UY



Visitors (18 and older) and prospective members are VERY welcome, whether experienced writers, beginners, or just curious.  Simply turn up on the night or contact us by clicking on the 'Get in Touch' icon for an interesting, enjoyable, and possibly instructive evening.

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No two meetings are exactly the same as it all depends on who attends, what is read out, and our discussions.  The month may have a suggested theme, too.  Here are accounts of recent meetings, just to give you a taste of what you may encounter, if you come along.

Meeting Report for October 2020

Sue Barton


Another Zoom meeting took place on Thursday 1st.  

  The topic for the meeting was writing a short parody of a piece of writing by a well-known author to be read and then have the other participants guess who the author was.

  It worked well with most people writing a short piece of prose for the exercise.  Laura, though, took more a novel (so to speak) approach and wrote several haikus.  She didn’t make it easy but we managed to guess most of them.  It was suggested that it would be good to have them on the website to show the wider world how we can inject a fun element into proceedings from time to time.

This is, of course, not to suggest that we find our writing anything but fun all the time!

The calendars that John Broadhouse has been working on so hard are now ready and reflect the collaboration between us and the Houghton Art Group.   Do contact John if you would like to buy one (or more) either for yourselves or for Christmas gifts.

  Hope to see as many of you as possible at the next Zoom meeting to be held on Thursday November 5th which we hope will go with a bang!


Meeting report Sept 2020


Another successful (if small) Zoom meeting was held on Thursday 3rd September.   Nothing like meeting in person but we had a good clear view of all participants on screen with good audio which helps no end.  (Not like some I’ve experienced when it sounds as though people are crunching pork scratchings near the mike.)  It is good to get together and give ourselves some impetus to keep writing.  Thanks due to Andrew who sets it up for us.

  No new members joined the meeting but that is not surprising at the moment and will surely come right once we get through the restrictions and the need to distance.

  There was a good variety of work on offer this month, including a beautiful descriptive piece from Joy.  

  We are looking forward to hearing contribution on the subject of parodying a well- known novel and leaving the listeners to guess the original novel being sent up at our next meeting which should be fun.  

  We will be meeting via Zoom again on the lst Oct at 7 pm.  




February 2020


Fourteen of us met in February.  The main business of the evening was to read and listen to stories on the theme of “Sport”.

  Before making a start on these, Andrew outlined the main topics that had been discussed at a recent committee meeting and told the members what had been decided.  

   In the matter of the annual round robin the new structure was explained (a new complete situation to be written each month using the same main characters, a little like a soap opera) and the members present at Thursday’s meeting were asked to vote on three scenarios, one being A library, another a train station and the third a charity shop.  The charity shop was chosen.   The members were also asked to suggest possible characters for the enterprise.    Andrew will be writing the first episode and will choose the cast from the characters suggested.   It was explained how important it is to keep the cast in character.  A new volunteer will be called for each month.

 The committee had also discussed the topics for the months leading up to the AGM.

   March will be open themed.  For the April meeting we are all asked to bring an interesting object to write about and perhaps for other people to choose to write about.  May is the AGM when, after the business has been completed, we will hear work on an open theme.  Shortish pieces this month would be appreciated due to time constraints.  

  John would like to see all the pieces for the Houghton art society (who will be painting to our poems or stories) in by June.  500-word limit.  John suggested that it might be possible to print a calendar of writing and paintings depending on the success of the exercise.  

  After all the business above had been completed, we still had time to hear stories and poems mainly written on the theme of sport.   It would seem our member are not exactly sports fanatics but nevertheless we had some good anecdotes and some really interesting imaginative pieces.

  The next meeting will be held on Thursday 5th March at 7.30pm in the Biffa Room at St Marks.



January 202o


The meeting was well attended with 13 members shaking off the winter festivities to come out and share a variety of work.

  One member is about to upload another of her science fiction novels and the Chair told the meeting that his school panto had been performed and enjoyed.   Success stories both.

  The next couple of activities (including the plans for short pieces to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the newsletter when appropriate) were outlined and an explanation of the the new format for the annual Round Robin explained.  

   The Chair moved swiftly on to the main business of the evening – listening and appraising each other’s work.

  What an entertaining evening it turned out to be.  We kicked off with a poem, and moved swiftly on to a gruelling description of a cycle ride in which the author reached her goal.  We were all right there with her pedalling away.  Next an extract from a memoir.  Then came a blurb for the science fiction novel mentioned above with the author asking for comments on its impact.   Then came an extract from a novel with dialogue so well written as to make the protagonists come alive.   Moving on we heard a section of a story about environmentally aware children.   This piece showed their hopes and enthusiasm and the fact that they would have to overcome some obstacles thrown in their paths.   Another treat was a story about “Bootsy” the incorrigible dog who we are getting to know and love.  A new member to the group brought along a very pictorial piece which put me in mind of Angels Carter and also made me see the writing as a painting of modern art.  A short piece by one member showed the workings of a child’s fertile imagination, the beginning of creativity.   Another environmental piece, set in the near future, showed adaptation and hope.  Last came the story of the “Bumstead” family and their impending move. This book is in its second draft.

   Certainly, we couldn’t hope for more variety.

  The next meeting will be in the Biffa Room at St Marks, Calder rise at the usual time of 7.30  when the theme of the evening will be Sport.  Any sport from any angle.   We welcome visitors and contact details are to be found on this web site.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.



Meeting Report for December 2019


In the last-minute absence Andrew (Chair), the meeting was taken by Sue (Vice-chair).

  We welcomed a novice writer and encouraged him to come again and maybe have a go at penning something to share.

  We had a very full Christmas programme that kicked off with the reading of stories written

On the theme of reinventing a Christmas character.   As you can imagine Santa came in for quite a bit of change.  Also, on parade were a very disgruntled robin, a Scrooge who started off kindly and ended up mean and a modernisation of The Little Match girl by Hans Christian Anderson which was generous and uplifting rather than tragic.  A great selection and good seasonal stuff.

  The stories, being short, left us with a good long break to chat and to enjoy the delicious selection of food donated by members and enjoyed by all.  

  It was as well we had a long break as one member spent nearly the whole time stopping the dreadful racket being made by the lift alarm that had been set off by a late arrival.  Many thanks to Ian’s determination to get the job done, we were able to continue and enjoy the rest of the evening.   We thought after this experience that maybe we should have the number of a caretaker if indeed there is one.

  Having got the problem under control, we started the second half of the meeting by reading out, chapter by chapter, the 2019 Round Robin.  The story, started by Muriel, ducked and dived from fantasy to reality and was brought to an amusing conclusion by Dave in the penultimate chapter and by Muriel in the last chapter whose job it was to wrap the whole thing up.   Be interesting to see if we can write one without the ubiquitous killings.  A thought for 2020.

  Dave came to say his farewells and we wish him all the best for his new venture and thank him for his valuable contribution to the group over the years of his membership.  He will be missed.

  It was a fun evening and a good end to our 2019 meetings.


Sue Barton




Sept 5th Meeting Report

We welcomed a new potential member and hope to see him again.

   The Chairman told the meeting about the Monologue evening that had taken place at the Mill Theatre in Sharnbrook the previous Sunday evening.   Ticket sales had gone well and we had a really good audience for this collaborative evening that was presented as: “Page to Stage – Writer to Actor.”  The Chairman was given a vote of thanks for his hard work in setting up the event.

    The Treasurer had come armed with information about a number of restaurants for the group’s Christmas Dinner event as it was felt a new venue might be a good idea.  Booking are now being taken and a deposit of £5 per person is required to get your name on the list.

  Down to the writing.  Children’s stories were the order of the day and we had a good selection from gentle, through mystical to downright gruesome humour.  Brilliant.

  Next meeting will be Thursday October 3rd at the usual time and place.   No theme next month so dust off the work in progress or finished pieces and bring them along for another evening with others who like to spin a tale or two. 


June 6th Meeting Report


  Our June Meeting was well attended and everyone there had brought a piece to read so we were, as usual, well entertained.

   There were excerpts from novels and (unusually) a revised blurb from a novel due to be posted on Amazon.   The short stories covered diverse genres.  We had a kindly ghost story, a delightful children’s story and an equally lovely story about a group of children.  One member had treated us to a comic story which was much appreciated by all.  We had a timely war story and a longer piece set in a campsite that was threaded through with an element of mystery only revealed at the end. In addition to these works of fiction we heard a diary type memoir and a short piece of social interaction.  

  The next meeting will be held on July 4th when the 200-word pieces to complement the photos sent to us from the Shillington Camera Club will be read.

  Do come along and join us visitors are always welcome.




April 2019


We were pleased to welcome a visitor who read a most intriguing excerpt from a work in progress.


A move to a different room this month was required as our usual venue was needed for another group.  It was not the most convenient room for our purpose.  However, we managed to accommodate the eleven attending members.  We agreed that we hoped this change would be a one-off as we have become rather attached to the Biffa room.


As there was no theme for the April meeting, we heard writers’ individual works.  These ranged from a children’s story through adult stories, excerpts from science fiction novels to a mystery piece inspired by a dream.  All very different and thought provoking.   A large number of these pieces are to be reviewed in the Newsletter.  The editor requested that reviews be forwarded to her within two weeks.


The next meeting at St Mark’s which will be held on May 2nd will be the AGM at which we will elect Committee members.  This should not take too long and in the time remaining there will be a short writing exercise, details of which will be provided on the night.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and to welcoming visitors and prospective new members.  The meeting will start at the usual time, 7.30 pm.



March 2019


There was a good attendance at our March meeting held in the Biffa Room at St. Marks.   Good to see everyone and to welcome a new member to our group.

  The object of the evening was to hear pieces written in response to the pictures painted by the Houghton Conquest Art Society that were posted on the website and circulated to members via the newsletter.  It is always interesting to hear the different takes on topics presented and the offerings were great fun and provided a fair bit of amusement.  Please send completed work to the Treasurer who will forward them to the Art Society for display next to the relevant pictures.   As the Exhibition is not until May there is still time to submit work relating the paintings.

  The meeting continued after a break for refreshments and general chat.

  Then several monologues that had been read at the previous meeting and subsequently revised, plus one splendid new submission, were read before hard copies were given to the Chair for delivery to the actors who had suggested we try this style of writing.  It will be interesting to see what they make of our ideas and their execution, this having been a new experience for most of us.

  April’s meeting will be devoted to hearing stories, poems or excerpts from longer works etc. of any genre.

  The next Meeting will be held on April 4th at St Marks Church, Calder Rise, but NOT IN THE BIFFA ROOM.   We have been asked to relocate for this meeting to the smaller of the two venue’s in the main building.

 We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and to welcoming visitors and prospective new members.  



February 2019


We have our Chairman to thank for setting up the recent writing challenge of producing a piece or two of performance work.  

  To this end the February meeting was mainly given over to reading draft Monologues in preparation for forwarding to a group of performance artists who are currently looking for suitable material.  

  For most members the writing of monologues was a new challenge and required a little adjustment of style.   The offered drafts were discussed at the meeting and suggestions made for their improvement.   The main concern being to lose the back stories and keep the dialogue crisp and direct.  A bit of editing will be necessary for most pieces and the suggestions made by both the performers, who had attended a previous meeting to give us guidelines, plus comments from our members at the February meeting should mean we can prune the work down to its bare bones while still keeping the interest of an audience.  

  The next step, once satisfied with our edits, is to take the work along to the March meeting (hard copies will be required) for the Chair to take to the actors. Who knows, they may choose one or two to perform.  Good luck to all those participating members.

  Next on the agenda are responses (in about 200 words) to any or all of the paintings members have received via email from Houghton Conquest Art Society.  These pieces will be displayed alongside the original paintings at the Houghton Conquest annual art exhibition to be held on 5th May.  Drafts to be read at the March meeting, giving time for final edits.

  Please note:   These exercises are not in any way mandatory and we welcome work of any genre which will always get a hearing.

 Visitors are most welcome so do come along and join us at our next meeting which will held in the Biffa Room at St Marks on 7th March at 7.30pm





Meeting Report for November 2018


  The Editor of the Group’s newsletter “Write-on” (circulated monthly to members only) was thanked for the comprehensive content.

 The Chair put the members in the picture about the up-coming extra meeting in the form of a monologue workshop which will be a joint exercise with actors from a Bedfordshire theatre who are looking for material to perform.

  Other group business was discussed briefly before we got onto the main part of the evening which was an opportunity to showcase the individual scripts that the group members have been working on since we last held a free manuscript session.   As ever, a good selection was on offer from Haiku through monologue, short stories and real-life experience to Chapters of work-in-progress of novels targeted at both children and adults.  There is never any lack of variety and all pieces were well commented on.

  There was, in fact, a marked improvement in the level of discussion of each piece since we had decided to do away with the clapping that had somehow become ubiquitous over the course of the past few meetings and tended to silence the comment needed to improve the standard of writing.

  The Monologue Workshop will be held on Thursday 8th November and the next Group meeting will take place on 6th December when we will enjoy some seasonal treats along with our Christmas themed pieces.   Both meetings will be held at the Biffa Room, St Mark’s and visitors are welcome to attend both events.  



Meeting Thursday 4th October 2018


We had a good turnout for the October Meeting and in the absence of the Chair the running of the meeting was split between the vice-chair and the Treasurer.

  Mention was made of the Christmas dinner that has been booked by the Treasurer and will be held at the Toby Carvery, Goldington Road on December 14th at 7,30.  Please make bookings with the Treasurer.

  There were three categories of work this month, the set exercise of “What I Did in my Holidays”, the war poems (that will accompany the poppy paintings at All Saints Church) and any other work outside these topics.

  We began with the Holiday topic which had proved to be a popular exercise judging by the number pieces brought along, including one from a potential new member.  The work presented was, as ever, varied but based, in the main, on real life experiences from UK, Egypt, Hong Kong and Germany to name but a few.

   As the vice-chair had to leave at coffee time the reading of the war poems and stories plus any other work were overseen by the Treasurer to whom many thanks are due.

  The next meeting of the Writers Group will be held on Thursday 1st November in the Biffa Room, St Mark’s Church, Calder Rise at the usual time of 7.30. There is no specific topic: bring a piece of your own choosing to read of around 1000 words.  Visitors welcome.   



Meeting Report for September 6th 2018


There was a good attendance at the un-themed September meeting and, as usual, a wide variety of work on offer for reading and discussion.  

   One member had brought her science fiction in book form, many congratulations were due on her persevering with such an enormous undertaking.  

   A vote was taken to select the new name for the group’s newsletter which is sent out promptly each month by the editor.  By a large majority “Write On” won the vote.  Many thanks to the person who suggested the winning title.

  The theme of the next meeting is “What I did on my Holiday”.  It is hoped that after the reading of the themed exercise, the war poems that will be accompanying art work from the Treasurer’s art group will be read before being sent on.   Members who do not wish to take part in either exercise are welcome to bring their own work which, time permitting, can also be read.

  Visitors are always welcome at our meetings and we look forward to another pleasant evening of the written word at our next gathering on the 4th October at the usual time and place.



Meeting held on the 2nd August 2018


We met this month still in the grips of a wonderful summer/dreadful heatwave depending on your point of view.   The windows and doors of the Biffa Room were flung wide and we soon settled to hear the member’s contributions to our evening of dialogue.   The point of the exercise being to tell a story without narrative.

  Before we began the readings, our attention was drawn to the Bedford International writing Competition – last date for entries 30th September 2018.  We were reminded not to enter anything that had been read at any of our meetings as some of the judges belong to our writing group.  www.bedfordwritingcompetition for further details.

  Our stories were, as is always the case, comprised of a wide variety of subjects to include a story for children, an hilarious  story about a car journey with a child, an encounter on a bridge that may have ended in suicide but instead had a great twist, a stalking incident that ended in tragedy, a short tale of a clever scam, a very original conversation between farm animals and their mortality and other clever pieces that kept us well entertained through to close of meeting

  We gather again on Thursday 6th September at 7.30 in the Biffa Room at St Marks Church, Calder Rise and hope to see as many of you as possible for an evening designation to the reading of member’s current work in any genre.



Meeting Thursday 5th July 2018


Another very good turnout for our meeting on this hot bright evening. The Chair began the meeting by welcoming everyone and mentioning a few points of interest, as follows.


The in club competition to name the newsletter. All suggestions can be sent via e mail to the committee or handed to a committee member or placed in the suggestion box. (see 2)

To make sure everyone has a chance to be heard with any suggestions or comments a suggestion box will be available (by the biscuit area) at every meeting. These suggestions can be placed in the box either with names or anonymously.

John Broadhouse in conjunction with Houghton Conquest Art Society has organised for poppies to be displayed in a remembrance day service. If any member of Bedford writers circle has a poem they would like to see displayed along with the poppies please send them directly to John or a member of the committee who will pass them on. The Chair stated that this is an extra activity and will not be one of the themes for our group but may be something that we as individuals would like to be involved in.

The next group of themes were mentioned but again these can change if a member has a particular idea or theme they would like to see explored. The themes are August 2nd Dialogue, sept 6th No theme, Oct 4th What you did on your holiday, Nov 1st No theme Dec 6th A Christmas poem and our last round robin will be read out in its entirety plus nibbles and cake.          


The Evening then began as always with a selection of short stories, poetry and extracts of longer works. There was a large variety of topics covered for our delight, from sausage dogs on the rampage on Guernsey to talking Kingfishers on the Tiber to silky knickers and Bras on display. Every piece of work as always was greeted with much enthusiasm and no end of admiration and all feedback well presented fairly given and well received.  


The evening ended promptly giving us all that well needed escape from the sauna like heat of the room and the still hot air of the carpark. (Sounds like the start of a good short story eh?)


7th June Meeting


The June meeting started promptly with the new Chairman in place.

It was good to see that so many members had turned out and particularly some who had not been able to attend for a while.

One of our newer members with experience of self-publishing had been asked to give a short talk on the process she used on-line with particular emphasis on “Formatting Fiction for Publication”.  We heard about downloading preformatted templates and how to use them.   We were, in addition, provided with a very helpful comprehensive handout.  An interesting talk for which the members showed their appreciation.

After a short coffee break the business of listening to member’s contributions on the topic of article writing got underway.   We heard a diverse selection including one piece that had been published in a motorhome magazine.  Several of the articles were about the effects of political correctness was having on society when everyone slavishly follows all edicts to conform to whatever new correctness pops up.  The writing as usual provoked interesting discussion within the group.

The meeting closed with all who wanted to read having been given the time to do so and the hope that we will see as many of you as possible at the next meeting which will be held on Thursday 5th July at the usual time of 7.30 in the Biffa Room at St. Mark’s Church, Calder Rise, Bedford.


Thursday 3rd May 1018


We gathered for the AGM in the Biffa room at St. Mark’s.   The Secretary and Treasurer had both prepared documentation and circulated it prior to the meeting.

Before the business of the meeting got underway the Treasurer reminded members about the art exhibition at Houghton Conquest where our joint art/writing exercise would be on display.

That done, the Chair gave his welcome and we moved on through the agenda first hearing reports from Committee members.   Next, we voted on minor amendments to the constitution, discussed new data protection regulations and accepted that the monthly meeting fee would rise from £1.50 to £2.00 while the annual subscription would remain at £6.00.  The small raise in fees was made to offset the increasing costs of rent and refreshments and come into effect from the June meeting.   The election of a new committee took place with a new chair being voted in.     The previous Chair moved to Ordinary member and a new Newsletter Editor was voted in.  Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Website Manager posts remain as before.  The new Chair was welcomed and took over the meeting.  

The remainder of the evening was spent hearing member’s and guest’s work being read.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, 7th June. The topic is to write a magazine or newspaper article of around 800 words. As always, you are welcome to bring your own work to read out on the day. Visitors welcome!




Thursday 5th April


There was a good turnout for this months meeting which was lovely to see.  The meeting started with the reminder that next months meeting will start with the AGM. If anyone wishes to stand for a role on the committee, please forward your name to our secretary Laura, or any other committee members.


The theme for this evening was ‘science fiction’ and we were not disappointed with a fine array of stories. As a group we were treated to many different takes on the theme, from ongoing works taking us on a journey with a crew struggling in their strange environment whilst being manoeuvred by a now more than human computer, to strange cleaning machines that will tidy anything away ( including the bodies of their owners). We were also riveted to our seats by members who had bought other genres of writing, dark tales of a small mercy in a hospital and the true recounting of a World War One meeting. As always the evening was very encouraging to all with some great feedback given.


At the close of the meeting we were reminded that after next months AGM there is no theme for any stories, so feel free to come along and join in.




Thursday 8th March 2018


The meeting, delayed from the usual first Thursday in the month due to ice and snow,  was started by the vice-chair and then handed over to the chair when he arrived.

 It was reported that the visit of some members to the Newport Pagnall writer’s group had been successful and that they had been welcomed and hosted in good style.

  John told the meeting that the stories sent to a member of the Houghton Conquest Art Society to accompany his paintings had been well received.

  We welcomed a new visitor who made a good contribution to the meeting by reading a very well written story and also by making useful comments on members work.  

  There was plenty of material to keep us interested and entertained, in the form of a poem, two science fiction genre extracts from longer works and several complete short stories.

  Joy organised her “photo shoot” for the intended piece to be written which will be submitted to the editor of the new midweek free paper who are looking for articles on local interest groups.   Joy may want to take more photos to give wider choice for the article.

  We will be back to normal for next month’s meeting and it will be held on Thursday the 5th April in the Biffa Room at St Marks at the usual time of 7.30 pm.



Thursday 1st February 2018


In the absence of the chair the vice-chair took the meeting.

 We were joined by one new visitor to this month’s extremely entertaining proceedings.

 Thanks are due to John who, in conjunction with a member of the Houghton Conquest Art Society had arranged for the group to write 200-word stories in response to four paintings.

  Nineteen stories most in prose, but some in poetry, were read and greatly appreciated.   We were able to see how the responses differed and how, in some instances, they took the same basic idea.

  Thanks to those who were unable to attend but sent in their work.

  All the pieces will now be forwarded to the Houghton Conquest artist concerned who will decide which of the stories he wants to display with his work at a forthcoming exhibition of art.  It was suggested that the group arrange to visit the exhibition. Further details when we know the exact date that will take place.

  It is planned to publish the stories on the website and, thanks to the artist who has given his permission, the pictures that inspired the work will be posted as well.  

  The next meeting of the Writers Group will be held in the Biffa Room St. Marks on

1st March.   There is no theme for this meeting so members are asked to bring whatever they are currently working on to share with the group.



January meeting 2018


    John started the meeting by reading out a request from a local school for a writer to visit and talk about their work.  Barrie has kindly volunteered to be the visiting author on this occasion and we look forward to hearing his update.

    Two new visitors joined us this week and we listened to a range of stories based on the theme "New Years Resolutions".  As befitting the long dark evenings, the majority of the stories focussed on dark themes of relationship breakdowns, with marriages and relationships breaking up, along with memories of love lost.

    A more upbeat feel came from one of our of writers, reading an extract from her second book with a theme of fantasy and science fiction.  The upbeat theme continued with the final contribution to the theme on resolutions  written in the style of a Trump Tweet.

    Our next writing exercise will result in some of our writing being displayed in an exhibition alongside paintings from the Houghton Conquest Art Society.

    Please write up to 200 words maximum about one of the four Art Society paintings shown below. Please entitle your writing with the appropriate title of either: Boat, Cafe, Beach, Alpine. Note that the beach painting has a small boat in it but it's called Beach. The painting called Boat is a boat's interior.

    Please bring your writing piece to the next meeting in paper form.

The following pictures are reproduced by kind permission of the artist and must not be reproduced without consent.



































December meeting 2017


The meeting started with an introduction by Joy to the new midweek free newspaper and a suggestion that we write an article for it explaining the workings of our group.  

  We then heard a short report from Andrew on the November visit of three members to a school in Kettering to help encourage the pupils to try their hands at creative writing.  The considerable work put in by the three was much appreciated by the staff of the school who reported positive results from the visit.

  We then moved into the seasonal part of the evening and members new and old were treated to a selection of poems and stories, mostly Christmas themed, with the five previously selected words cleverly woven into the pieces.  

  After this varied entertainment we broke to chat and made a dent in the great selection of goodies on offer.

  As the stories had been limited to 500 words, there was no rush to hear everyone’s work and after the last piece had been read we still had time left to pit our brains against Laura’s testing quiz which produced much merriment.

  It just remains to wish all members a very happy festive season whether partying or sleeping through it.  Hope to see as many of you as possible in the New Year.  



November meeting 2017


There were fireworks in the sky over Bedford and chaos in the carpark when I arrived at St. Marks for the November meeting.   The two things were quite unrelated I’m sure.

  A team of three volunteers will be heading off to Kettering to inspire the children at the Academy to enjoy writing.  It is bound to be a great success.

  We drew five words from a metaphorical hat which we are asking members to use in their construction of a 400-500 word Christmas story to be read at the next meeting.  These words will be sent out to the membership as soon as possible.

  We had a guest for the evening and we hope he will join us again.

  The next two volunteers for the round robin story are ready to take up the pen and we will be looking for two more at the next meeting.

   The treasurer was busy collecting in the money for the Christmas dinner.  The Secretary has offered to prepare a quiz for our entertainment so it should be a good evening

   We heard some cracking good stories this month and our website manager will upload a couple of them to refresh the site.  

   I know it’s a crazy busy time of year but do come along to the Christmas meeting where you will be provided with the usual Christmas snacks and drinks and a variety of stories to put you in a great Christmas mood..  We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.




October meeting 2017


A select group chose to use the supplied photographs as inspiration for this month's crop of short stories.  Interestingly, three women chose the laughing ponies while three men chose the stranded vehicle.  Make of that what you will!  Our November meeting on Thursday 2nd will be an open forum with an opportunity for people to read out work of their own choosing.



September meeting 2017


We were a smaller group than usual, just eleven, probably due to the big stampede to get away now the schools are back.

  We had one visitor who read an interesting beginning of a new Science Fiction novel.  We look forward to the next instalment.

  As it was an open reading session we were treated to some diverse samples of members work including a poetic study on the colour blue, a lovely farewell piece from Deryn who is leaving for America.  We wish her all the very best.

  The starting chapter of a new “Round Robin” has been allotted to the first two writers.  We will be calling for two more volunteers for the third and fourth contribution at the next meeting.

Our next meeting will be held in the Biffa room on Thursday 5th October.  The theme for the meeting is to write 500-1000 words inspired by one of the following four photographs.  As ever, the theme is optional and everyone is welcome to bring along their own work to read.  Visitors are welcome.



























August Meeting 2017

   Twelve members gathered for an evening of poetry reading.

   We were treated to a wide variety of verse from a take on Sapphic Odes, through humour and a degree of pathos to some obscure but fascinating lines that require further reading to be fully appreciated.

   Although it’s always a pleasure when members join in with the themed evenings, nothing is compulsory. In addition to the poetry, there was time to hear some prose work from non-poets.

   Apart from the group’s written work we heard interesting reports from two of our members who had visited (by invitation) separate schools to encourage children in the art of story writing. The children, by both accounts, were receptive and responded well to the introduction of this “outside” influence. Congratulations to both members for taking the time and trouble to undertake this really useful skill sharing with young people.

   The next meeting will be held on the 7th September at the usual time of 7.30pm in the Biffa Room, Saint Mark’s Church, Calder Rise, Bedford.

   There is no theme for the evening so just bring whatever you have written and would like to read. It was suggested that it might be useful to bring a few extra copies for those members who like to see the text as well as hearing it read.


Visitors welcome


July Meeting 2017

We a good turnout for the July meeting with roughly 15 members braving the steamy heat in the Biffa Room to hear and read a variety of work.   With all the windows open and the welcome use of a fan we were quite comfortable.  

   It was good to see the return of some well-known faces and to welcome a new visitor.

  A great variety of work was on offer from poetry, short stories for adults and children (one of the latter extremely well received), extracts from larger on-going works through to a rather deep poetic meditation on life and one’s purpose therein.

  The meeting ended with five minutes to spare and all members having had the opportunity to read and listen to feedback on their work.

  The next meeting will be held at St Marks, Biffa room at 7.30pm and the theme will be poetry.  



June Meeting 2017

The continuing heatwave, with its attraction of a cold beverage in the garden, did not deter a determined group of 13 people who turned up to read out their own work.  We had a couple of potential new members and between us we heard a variety of pieces ranging from nature writing; to an article on cycling that made us all feel quite exhausted; to a number of chapter extracts from people who are continuing with lengthy book projects.  Always an amazing variety of great work.



May Meeting 2017

Our meeting started with the AGM where the new committee was voted in. Congatulations to:


Karl Lynch - Chair

Sue Barton - Vice Chair

John Broadhouse - Treasurer

Laura Richards - Secretary

Veronica Sims -  Newsletter

Joy Wilkinson - Website Manager

Andrew Stock - Ordinary Member


The meeting continued with many a fine piece of work being read out and critiqued. A splendid turn out of sixteen people made for a a very enjoyable evening


6th April 2017

We had some group time this month, sharing work is always rewarding. There is never a shortage of new pieces to be read by the author. There's never a shortage of comments and useful criticism either. It is the group dynamic that keeps us all writing and coming back for more.


2nd March 2017

This was an evening of poetry. We had a special guest:- The Bard of Stony Stratford, Vanessa Horton who read some of her splendid work.  We also heard some poetry written by members along with short stories and extracts from novels.


2nd February 2017

On Ground Hog day we shared work on this theme which was interesting and showed the different approach we all have to writing. It is always so rewarding to spend time with fellow writers and hear each other's work. We also had 4 newcomers this month, and so we continue to grow stronger.


5th January 2017

Obviously we had to begin with New Year's Resolutions. Some made some but didn't tell. Guess who had set the standard too high and had already fallen off their virtuous perch. There were resolutions outstanding from last year, with renewed attempts to succeed. Although, as the writer pointed out, this was not something they could crow about because they had fooled friends and family that they had already given up. A lovely evening to start the New Year and get us back into the swing of writing.

                                           NEW MEMBERS CORNER


Joining a new group can be intimidating. We are such a friendly bunch - don't be nervous, just come and meet us. We all struggle with creative doubt, writer's block and uncertainty. What's lovely here is that we come together because we love writing. We read our short stories, poems, extracts from longer pieces, prose that helps us think or expresses our doubts and dreams, and more. We do have some published writers and all our creativity is inspiring, but we are such a mixed bunch that, whatever your style or where-ever you are at with your writing, you will feel at home and supported, We share thoughts and ideas, tea and buscuits, social events, and lots of encouragement.


Please put aside your nerves and come visit.

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